Cellulite is a nasty condition that really affectes many women. Around 90% of the women after their 30s have cellulite. Cellulite usually appears on the legs and is really obvious. That’s why the majority of women are iwlling to spend thousands of dollars on a working anti-cellulite solution. Getting rid of cellulite, however, might really be simpler than these women think. Don’t fall for the scams- there are a lot of products that claim to be the cure for cellulite. However, reducing and even fully removing cellulite is possible with a few basic adjustments to your diet and fitness regime. Natural food, combined according to the rules of healthy nutrition, will do wonders for you.

Food contains 3 major nutrients- carbs, proteins and fat. The healthy diet 101 rule is to never mix them up. Of course, every meal we eat contains these 3 nutrients. However, usually one of these is dominant. Never mix up foods containing mostly carbonydrates (bread, potatoes, rice) with protein rich foods, for instance meat, fish, eggs, etc. This is terrible for your body and overall health. The carbonhydrates will prevent your body from processing the protein and therefore transform it into fat. Eating that combo will make you fatter and of course, you will have a lot more cellulite than before.

Getting rid of cellulite would also require you to exercise regularly. Leading an active lifestyle plus exercising at least 2 times a week will do the job. Make sure you consult a fitness instructor or a doctor before starting your regimen.

That’s all- getting rid of cellulite really is that simple. Follow these simple rules and you will enjoy a cellulite free life and get rid of cellulite.